Making a difference

Hi everyone.

The end of the financial year is almost upon us. Are you are considering making a financial donation to our cause? If you do, you would be helping us immensely!

Financial donations enable us to keep running our freezers and fridges, pay our water bill and pay our phone bill, etc. It also helps us to pay for our clients’ medical bills, food, essential transport, and rent (which can prevent the downward spiral to homelessness).

When you help us to help others, you really do make a difference. One of our client’s has shared  how we have helped.

“In times of distress both financially and emotionally DRERS has always been there to help me and understand. And sometimes I wouldn’t have known how I was going to get through. Without DRERS I would have had no other choice but to steal my food.”

We know that we can, and do, help.


Cans cans cans……….

Hi everyone.

We are giving a great big thank you to Belgrave South Baptist Church for their donation of 1015 cans for our winter stock. That is a record number set by them. We are truly grateful for their generosity. We are also amazed that our building has not collapsed under the weight of the cans! So to Andrew, Simon and all at BSBC – thank you so much!