Hi everyone!
Our op shop is moving! We expect to be able to open in our new location in about two weeks. It is located more centrally in the main street, where Seagull Press used to be. We hope that you visit us in our new location we it opens!

End of year break

Hi everyone!
We will be closed for a break soon. We will be closed from 12:30 pm on Friday 21st December 2018 and reopen on Wednesday 16th January 2019.

For the first week of opening next year we will be able to assist people from 10:00 am to 12:30 pm, due to staff training.

Christmas Appeal update

A big thank you to everyone who has generously donated to our Christmas Appeal. It has been a very successful event.
To all of you who helped, thank you for helping us to make Christmas better for so many people in our community who are disadvantaged. We hope that your Christmas is great!

Christmas Appeal update

Hi everyone,
Our Christmas ‘giving tree’ is usually in the Belgrave Library right up until near Christmas so that people can put gifts under the tree for children who are disadvantaged. However, this year the library will be closed for painting between Dec 10-14. The library will be open again on Saturday the 15th. So if you want to donate a gift whilst the library is closed, please take it to us (in the Belgrave Community Hub) up until Friday 14th. Or you can drop it off at the library on Saturday the 15th. We are giving the presents out on Monday the 17th. Thank you kindly.

Christmas Tree

Christmas Appeal

Hi everyone!

Our Christmas Appeal has begun. If you would like to help, but are wondering what to donate, here is a list of items that would be appreciated:
* Water crackers
* Nuts
* Long-life milk
* Long-life custard
* Coffee
* Tea
* Sugar
* Pudding
* Savoury biscuits
* Sweet biscuits
* Gravy mix
* Fruit cake
* Chocolate/sweets
* Pet food

We are also appealing for donations for Christmas gifts for Children. You can put a gift under the tree at the Belgrave Library, or donations can be dropped off directly to us at:
Belgrave Community Hub
1616-1624 Burwood Highway
Belgrave VIC 3160