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The DRERS Community Garden is an initiative to grow a connection between DRERS and the community around us to improve your health, learn new skills and eat healthier food. The garden is now in its second planting year. We started with a number of small boxes which are now stacked on the recycled shelving thanks to the Belgrave Bookbarn. On the shelves we have easy access to the herbs. In line with our Statement of Purpose, we envisage many benefits to flow from growing and sharing herbs and vegetables like:

  • contributing to a strong and healthy community by bringing people in contact through the experience of growing food
  • extend the DRERS food provision with fresh food for improved nutrition
  • exchange of skills transfer between DRERS volunteers, clients and the community

To use a Paul Kelly song line:

“from little things big things grow”

Here are some other ideas how to grow veggies and herbs in ‘unusual’ containers.

chest of drawers full of greens

chest of drawers full of greens







green bums

green bums








all in all it's just a .... nother vegie on the wall

all in all it’s just a …. nother vegie on the wall



Not new but definitely having a bit of a resurgence is the vertical garden:


7 thoughts on “Community Garden

  1. We are looking to expand our DRERS community garden and would welcome donations, specifically tools, a compost bin and seeds or seedlings.

  2. We are keen to create a fun garden, the space behind our building can do with a bit of a lift :) So if you have empty big Milo – or coffee tins that we could hang up on the fence, please contact DRERS.

    Have an old pair of jeans? Donate them to DRERS and we’ll make a level on our shelves similar to the picture above LOL

  3. Thank you Jeanette for the donation of the herbs, in spring we’ll be able to provide a recipe with the pasta and sauce including DRERS grown fresh herbs!

  4. We thank the Mitre10 in Emerald for their contribution of 50L of potting mix and a collection of pots which we used at the Belgrave End of the Line festival.

  5. Thanks to Ania from Surrey Hills who donated some Diggers Club heirloom seeds for our garden :) We are looking forward to grow sweet melons next summer.

  6. DRERS community garden is growing more herbs to share. We have two boxes of mint, a thyme, oregano, marjoram and rosemary, new parsley seeded and we added three more sage seedlings today. We recognise that herbs are expensive to buy and we don’t get too many from foodbank or second bite so this will be our best way to not only provide food for emergency relief but also enable people to cook a tasty nutritious meal.

    There is a new project launched in Melbourne to find out where you can pick some herbs that people grow or contribute with your own herbs if you have in excess of your families need; HerbShare. We will definitely register on the HerbShare website once this is up and running. See and their pozzible campaign to raise the funds for this: #herbshare

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